Return & Refund Policy


1. Cancellation Policy

ITOne reserves the right to hold or cancel any order with prior notice when deemed necessary.

ITOne will proceed with cancellation should circumstances below occur:
      • The item is not / no longer available
      • Pricing disputes arise
      • Products illustration differs from actual product
      • Payment failed or not received
      • Payment information could not be verified
      • The order cannot be shipped to the address provided or where the shipping address could not verified
      • Violation of IT One’s Terms and Conditions
      • Cancellation initiated by the Customer
      • Any other unforeseen circumstances that lead to cancellation

Upon cancellation, refund will be processed accordingly and might take between 14-21 working days.

2. Return, Refund & Exchange Policy
There is no return, exchange and refund policy in our website.

We recommend you aware our policy prior to making a purchase from our website, so you are familiar with our policy on refunds, exchange and repairs and your legal rights and remedies. We also recommend you immediately inspect any goods that we deliver to you to ensure you are completely satisfied with the goods, including that the goods are of acceptable quality, and match the description we have provided to you.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us @ +603-77276088 or email to

3. Contact Information
Questions about the Terms of Service should be email to us at All rights reserved by IT